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How do we get right with God?

God, Identity In Christ

Good people don’t go to heaven

A Personal Relationship With God, Biblical Principals, Friendship, God, God's love, God's Power, God's purpose, God's Will, Grace, Grace / Mercy, How God Loves Us, Lessons learned, Righteousness, Truth

What We Believe Matters To God

A Personal Relationship With God, God's Power, God's Sovereignty, Grace / Mercy, Righteousness, Truth

God’s Righteous Right Hand

Biblical Principals, God, Grace, Identity In Christ, Jesus, Life, Righteousness, The Gospel, Truth

Saint Or Sinner?

Biblical Principals, God, God's omnipresence, Grace, Grace / Mercy, Identity In Christ, Jesus, Life, Peace, Relationship With God, The Holy Spirit, Truth

Please Don’t Call Yourself A Sinner

Bible Study, Biblical Principals, Exchanged Life, God, God's omnipotence, God's Sovereignty, Grace, Grace / Mercy, Jesus, Life, Love, Obedience, Personal, Relationship With God, Righteousness, Salvation Plan, The Gospel, Truth

God’s Resume. He’s Looking For Work.

Bible Study, God, Grace / Mercy, Life, Love, Peace, Righteousness, Satan/sin/evil/temptatioon, Truth

Does The Church Draw People, Or Drive Them Away? Part 1


How’s Your Vision?