Wisdom And Good Advice From An Old Farmer

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A Letter To My Mom

NOTE: I wrote this letter to my mom on the seventh anniversary of her going home. I thought it would be appropriate to publish it again on her special day.

To my precious mom,

I can’t believe it’s been seven years since Jesus called you home.  I sure do miss you. I can’t count the times I’ve wanted to pick up the phone and call you to share something I did or something I was looking forward to doing. Continue reading →

Band Days In My Hometown

My lifelong school mate, Chuck Offenburger, recently wrote a column for his website, Offenburger.com, about high school and college bands in Iowa. Even if you don’t give two hoots about Iowa, or bands, you’ll enjoy reading Chuck’s story. He researched his facts and interviewed band people across the state.

When I read his column I couldn’t help reflecting on my own band experiences in our hometown, Shenandoah, Iowa. Continue reading →

Searching for Betty Jean Davis

I am searching for a former elementary school classmate. My childish, cruel teasing of Betty Jean haunts me still.
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