Put your helmet on

Are you mad enough to fight a long-overdue war?


Psychologists and psychiatrists today generally agree that forgiveness is a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance or anger toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. Dr Tony Evans in his book Detours  divides forgiveness into two categories: unilateral and transnational. If  we […]

Why forgive?

By Dr. John Ed Mathison Executive Director John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries After writing recently about forgiveness, I received a lot of responses.  One person said that when he learned to forgive, it was a key that unlocked a future for his Christian growth.  Another person said it was the most important thing he had […]

Do humans get a pass on sin?

Can we escape the stench of sin by simply admitting we’re human?

When is the last time you really blew it?

When does God begin to restore us after we’ve blown it with Him?

“I wish I hadn’t done that.”

Why do we say and do things that cause us to feel guilt and shame for doing or saying?


By Karen Woodward Blooger at Switchbacks.org Our dog Jake has been sick recently. After the third day of being unable to keep food down, I whisked him away to the vet to make sure he hadn’t gotten something stuck in his digestive track. After two x-rays ruled that out, the doctor ordered a series of […]

Jesus Was Narrow Minded And Intolerant

Jesus’ narrow mindedness and intolerance were righteous.

There Was A Little Girl, Or Singin’ Those Backslidin’ Blues

If you claim Jesus Christ as Lord, Christ’s life is now your life. Christ gave His life so your life could be abundant. The trouble is many folks who call themselves “Christians” keep sliding back into performance mode.


I don’t condemn any homosexual just as I don’t condemn any adulterer, but I do want to warn against the destructiveness of participating in this lifestyle, both to individuals and societies. It’s not the Creator’s plan for anybody!

Gays Get A Bad Rap From “Christians”

In his series called, “Christian” Andy Stanley defined “Christians” as “judgmental, homophobic, exclusionary moralists who think they are the only ones going to heaven and secretly relish the fact that everyone else is going to hell.”

Walking In “Newness” Of Life

Do we know what newness of life truly means? I wonder how many folks who claim their salvation in Christ know they can walk in a new way now.

Jesus Loves Homosexuals

Jesus loves homosexuals.
Jesus loves adulterers. He loves abortionists, atheists, embezzlers, thieves, philanderers. Jesus loves convicted murderers. For God So Loved The World. John 3:16.

Our Christmas Scandal — Part I . . .from the archives

When we think about Christmas we certainly don’t think about scandal. Christmas today is all about celebrations and bright lights and traffic jams and parties.
But if we don’t admit and acknowledge the Christmas scandal, we will never fully understand what Christmas is truly all about. In fact without our scandal we wouldn’t have Christmas at all.

What’ The Cure?

There are problems in today’s world. The sad thing is that sometimes people choose a false cure to the problem. Oftentimes this is a merchandising technique to sell something.

My Sin Is That Bad

The Gospel is a message about Christ, about sin,about Christ’s death, about Christ’s resurrection.It starts with the bad news that my sin is so bad that it took dying to pay for it ‐ the death of God’s one and only Son.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Give Up.

When you or someone else uses the word “try” that means that “self” is taking on responsibility. And that is a bad thing. No brokenness on the horizon when self’s on the landscape.


Ohhhhhhh Noooooo! Not brokenness! Please don’t talk about brokenness. Let’s talk about love or God’s grace or hope or peace or heaven.
But Not brokenness. That’s one of those icky topics like the blood of Jesus. We don’t want to read about brokenness. We don’t want to hear our preacher talk about it. We’d like to avoid it altogether if we can. . . . . .but, we can’t.