A Personal Relationship With God, acceptance, attitude, behavior, Blood of Christ, change, choices, Forgiveness, freedom, God's Sovereignty, God's Will, God's Word, Grace / Mercy, hope, humility, Lessons learned, Obedience, perseverance, Personal, sanctification, showing love, Surrender, the cross of Christ, Truth

When God said “No”.

A Personal Relationship With God, Almighty God, Christianity, Friendship, God, God's purpose, God's Sovereignty, God's Will, Grace, knowing God, Obedience, Relationship With God, Righteousness, Serving others, trusting God, undaunted

The Difference Between Me and Job

God, God's omnipresence, God's Sovereignty, God's Will, Jesus, Love, Obedience, Righteousness, Satan/sin/evil/temptatioon, The Gospel

God Never Allows More Than We Can Bear. Oh, Yes, He Does!


Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz