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Time Management

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The End

We mortals impose limits on everything. We love time. We live by it, work by it, play by it, sleep by it, plan by it, eat by it.

Five. . .four. . .three. . .two. . .one. The end. Game’s over. Someone won, someone lost.

It’s 11:56 p.m. on April 15. Five more minutes and tax season ends.  You drift into the penalty phase with the IRS.

“The end is near.”

“I’m leaving you, Herald. It’s the end. I have another boyfriend. He’s on the football team. We’re in love.”

“I’m sorry, Margaret. But we have to let you go. Your employment with this company ends today.”

“I thought his sermon today would never end.”

“And that’s the end of the seventh inning.”

“Our half-price sale ends January 31st.”

“Has anyone seen the fat lady?”

“That book didn’t have a happy ending.”

“I’m at the end of my rope.”

But life, as we know it, never ends. Every creature God created will spend an eternity in one of two places: in the presence of God, or forever separated from God.

Eternity is a hard concept to grasp. I read it, I believe it, I look forward to being in God’s presence forever, but I can’t wrap my arms around it. Can you?

It’s difficult to think about being in a place without boundaries–gates or fences, or walls, or barriers. I don’t believe I’ll ever see the chasm “fixed” between where we’ll be and where all the goats will be.

And no “time”.  No overtime games. No “sudden death” (pardon the pun) playoffs. No seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries. No limits. Just Jesus. Just God. Just heaven. Just each other. Forever. And ever.

My good blogging buddy Butch Dean wrote this on his blog. His post was the inspiration for my post today.

And this is the will of my Father that sent me: that every one who seeth the Son and believeth in himButch may have life everlasting. And I will raise him up in the last day. (John 6:40 Douay-Rheims)

Can you imagine…life without end? A life beyond anything you could possibly imagine awaits the soul of a Believer. “Every one that sees the Son and believes in Him may have life everlasting.”

And how does one believe?

For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved. (Romans 10; 9-10 from  the New Living Translation)

With the heart…not the head. Knowledge between the ears is fine, but believing in your heart is what God requires. That’s how one becomes a Believer…that’s how one finds life everlasting…life without end.

As always, the choice is yours.

Butch blogs at Wordsmith’s Desk.  I read Butch’s blog regularly. He and Bonnie have a powerful testimony and Butch writes powerful posts about how God touches his life and family. I know you’ll be blessed to read Butch’s writing as well. Visit his blog soon.