What’s the difference between knowing and believing?

I knew the Goliath roller coaster at Six Flags was fast and thrilling. I’d seen pictures and talked with friends who rode it. Then I rode it. It was everything my friends said it was. It screamed up and down and around those rails faster than I drive my car. I had to admit the […]

Banging on the door

https://twitter.com/stevesaw/status/818510449142591488 Isn’t that just like us?  We ask God, plead with God, beg God to do something for us., and we’re convinced He’s going to come through for us. Then, for no apparent reason to us, He shuts the door.  Not with a resounding slam, but a gentle push. Then the latch clicks.  We hear […]

Let go (of what?) and let God Response

If we “Let go and let God”, what must we let go OF?

What if we remembered this?

What would happen if we all started believing God loves us and He accepts us just as we are?

The Problem With ‘Let Go And Let God’

The slogan “Let Go And Let God” is a milestone for anyone recovering from addiction. It is probably the most difficult thing about the journey. The problem is our money-grubbing, “anything for a buck” culture has hijacked the slogan. It’s now fashionable to “wear” let go and let God.