What do you need?

If we are going to understand who we really are–our real identity, we need to go back  to the very beginning. Everyone of us was born with two innate needs.: a) a need to feel loved  and accepted, and b) a need to feel a sense of worth and value.

Once you discover that we have these two innate  needs,  figuring out how to meet them becomes the motivation for how we’re going to do just about everything else in life. Our value system,  our priorities, our character, our life choices, and our personality will all have their roots and how those two leaves met

Let’s see, we can get married and hope our spouses love us and care for us. We can work real hard at our jobs  and put in extra hours and hope our bosses will accept us and tell us we’re worthy and are a valuable employee.

The truth is nothing we can do ourselves is going to meet any of the innate needs we have,  or any other need in life. Those innate needs are gifts to us from God. Not only did he create us with those needs but God is the only one who can meet them

We can fall in love, be in love,  love others be loved, feel like we’re in love, we can be married for 50 years but  none of those things guarantee real love.


Work God’s Way

I’ve always wondered why they call it Labor Day when most folks get the day off from their labor. Why don’t they call it “Rest Day” or “Piddle Around Day” or “Do Nothing Day”? I think any of those titles would more aptly suit the holiday.

The day became an official federal holiday in 1894 following a labor dispute between labor unions and the railroads called the Pullman Strike.

In our culture Labor Day marks the official end of summer. The tourist season slows, women decide not to wear white any more, and football season usually kicks off during the Labor Day weekend. It’s a time to honor our working men and women and to focus on our work.

Statistics show that we spend 40% to 65% of our day doing something. Whatever that something is will contribute to our success in life. Often times, and for many people today, work has become a God. Workers see their jobs as a necessary mentality. They work so they can have what they want and do what they want. These folks worship what work can do for them.

Some get lost in their “careers.” They believe climbing the ladder of success will bring them the happiness they crave. So they spend 70 or 80 hours a week at their work. And what they don’t finish at work they bring home to finish. In the process, everyone and everything else gets neglected. They’re workaholics.

Some folks are just lazy at work. They work so they can have what they want and do what they want as well, just like the workaholics. But their mentality is different. They go to work, do their jobs (exerting as little effort as possible), look for opportunities to get out of work, surf the Internet, take long breaks, do personal work on company time, watch the clock, and dash out the door at the end of the day. To them work is a chore. A burden. A means to a paycheck.

But God didn’t create work to be a chore. Continue reading