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Who Told You That?

Can’t take credit for this post.

I “borrowed” this from Emma Kimberly’s Facebook page. She wrote a beautiful, thought-provoking post. Enjoy.

Who told you that?

After the fall, Adam began to explain to God how he was ashamed and afraid because he was naked.
I love the way God responded:
“Who told you that you were naked?”
Genesis 3:11

Obviously Adam had been influenced, informed and instructed by a voice other than the voice of God. God was perturbed about it!
“You think you need to hide in shame and be afraid?
Who told you that?”

I wonder how many times God has the same objection when He hears the lies we believe:
Who told you that?

Who told you weren’t capable?
Who told you one little compromise wouldn’t hurt?
Who told you you’d never accomplish anything significant?
Who told you it was too late to start over?
Who told you that you couldn’t be forgiven?
Who told you that you had to settle for that?
Who told you you’d never gain victory over that sin pattern?

So many voices compete to create a cacophony of confusion concerning the things we believe about ourselves.
God’s voice resonates with clarity, wisdom, and vision.

Who misled you?
Who talked you out of your dream?
Who convinced you that you didn’t measure up?

Who told you that?

8 thoughts on “Who Told You That?

  1. Ummmm…. nice story. Just not scripturally sound. That “voice” Adam heard was His own conscience bearing witness to the truth. And the truth he was hearing? “I have sinned against you… and I know it too! Now, what can I do to justify my disobedience? Oh, I know! I will blame someone else.”


    1. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your taking time to visit and respond. I’ll have to read the story again. I don’t recall, as I type this message, what it is you may not agree with. I’ll check it out and see. Thank you again and God bless. I hope you’ll come back again.


  2. Now that is a very good question, Steven. An excellent reminder you present. The competing voices for our attention are many… but only One leads to an abundant life. “For those who have ears to hear…” Blessings good friend.


    1. Emma writes some powerful stuff and has a great testimony. But she only writes on her Facebook page. I’m encouraging her to write a blog. We’ll see.


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