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Kidney Stones Block Blog

Some of you may have noticed there wasn’t much new¬†to read last week on my blog. Sunday after church, excruciating lower abdominal pains drove me to the emergency room. After EKG’s and xrays and a TEE doctors discovered four kidney stones, one too big to pass.

I also slipped back into a-fib (developed initially after open heart surgery January 2011). So, they slipped a couple of stints in to ease the pain of passing stones (don’t ask where, or how) and zapped me with the paddles to get me out of a-fib. It didn’t work, so they sent me home with warfarin and antibiotics and told me to resume normal activities.

So . . .normal activity for me is to resume blogging today and hope the stones don’t block any more posts.

With all I’ve got going on with this mess I can truly say , , ,”This too shall pass.”

10 thoughts on “Kidney Stones Block Blog

  1. I just noticed this post. Since I’ve had a similar experience in my life, I thought I might comment. I didn’t have kidney stones, but I did have a bulging disk in my lower back that give me a lot of pain and limited my mobility for awhile and hampered my writing efforts on my website and blog. But I think that pain can also stimulate some such communication efforts by giving us writers something humbling and “normal” to write about. Many people spend a lot of time and effort every day just trying to cope with persistent pains, so there is a big need for words of encouragement and helpful suggestions regarding this common problem in our daily lives.


    1. Thank you, Helen, it is so wonderful to hear from you over there across the pond. God bless. We need to skype again soon. How about it?


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