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Tough Questions

Are Muslims going to take over the country?
Will gay marriage be legalized?
Could the church be facing persecution from our government?
Would the Supreme Court ever reverse Roe v. Wade?
Can we eliminate hunger in our lifetime?
Why can’t we end child abuse?
Is a cure for cancer possible?
When will the races live in harmony and peace?
What toll will AIDS take on this country?
Tough questions all.

Politicians, religious leaders, scientists, doctors, researchers and more have wrestled with these issues for decades. Remedies escape them. And us. And me.

I get comfort from knowing I don’t need to resolve the planet’s problems.God will.

I don’t need to know the answers. God does.

I can waste a lot of time over-thinking solutions to problems I don’t even understand. But I’m much happier when I trust God to take care of His business and spend more time praising Him and serving Him and loving my neighbor.

I’m perfectly content letting God do His job while I do mine.

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