Issues and Truth. Truth and Issues

reading scruptureA very wise pastoral counselor told me recently that the reason we find ourselves in dilemmas and rough spots at times is that we have issues. The reason we have issues is we don’t have the right answers to act upon the issues and resolve them.

The best answers we need for any situation or trial or circumstances we face are Biblical. And the Biblical answers we need have to become ours. We must own them, take possession of them. (Can I get an “Amen” here?)

My pastor friend said if we don’t take ownership of the Truth in scripture, the Holy Spirit has little if anything to operate with in us. Consequently, the only way we can be victorious over any situation in life we face is through the scriptures (the Truths) the Holy Spirit uses within us. The Holy Spirit can only act on Truth.

In my own life at times when troubles arose, I was guilty of seeking help and answers from others, or from books other than the Bible.

After listening to this wise pastor’s teaching I concluded for my own life, I am considerably lacking in Truth within me. I read scripture. I pray scripture. I meditate on scripture. I study scripture. I love scripture. But there’s a lot more room in that three pound universe in my head and that 10 ounce heart in my chest for more scripture. More Truth. More of God’s Holy Word.

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