Please Pass The True Grits, John

This is my first stab at writing five minute Fridays.
If I understand it, I write for 5 minutes, with no editing or review.
Then post it back to gypsy mama, then to the one who sent it to me and encourage the rest of you to visit gypsy mama to see what this ls all about, then write for five minutes.
Of course this is a radical departure from my normal blog topics. And it’s a one time deal on Fridays.
So here goes.

The first thing I thought ofr when I thought of Grit was John Wayne, but thats only one grit. A true grit resides in a bowl of grits to be consumed with a variety of stuff on top. Most normal people eat grits with butter and salt. A few odd-balls eat grits with butter and sugar! Ugh! They obviously are presumptuous Yankees who think grits is the same as oatmeal or Cream-o-Wheat. Yuk. Grits is a true Southern thing.

No one should ever put sugar on grits. That would be like pouring salad dressing on pancakes, or making fudge with salt instead of sugar. Ya just don’t do it.  If you want to eat breakfast with sugar on it, fix some Cream-o-Wheat or oatmeal. Don’t mess up a perfectly good bowl of grits with anything other than salt and butter. None of this healthy, low-fat butter either. Use real butter. There’s a law somewhere that if you’re eating true grits in the South you have to use real butter. Otherwise we consider you a slacker and you’ll never fit in with the rest of us.  If you do feel bit and determined to eat grits with sugar, for goodness sakes don’t tell any natives you did. Talk about a quick boot out of your social circles.

Andif you’re eating true grits for the first time, don’t be surprised if they taste bland. The fondness for true grits has to grow on you. And you have to eat a couple of bowls before it does. If they do taste bland, just put more salt and butter on them. But not sugar. Nothing screws up a great bowl of grits quicker than sugar.

10 thoughts on “Please Pass The True Grits, John

  1. Well, I confess, I AM A YANKEE, and the first time I was served grits in a restaurant, I didn’t know what it was. So I put sugar and milk on it and ate it like Cream of Wheat….not bad either. But we just laught about it now….and I think God has forgiven me as well as my Southern friends.


  2. I’ve never had grits being a girl from the NW…but now I’m really wanting to try some. With butter, salt, sugar, cheese….what ever you can throw at me!
    Thanks for a GREAT 5 Minute Friday Post!


    1. Jen,
      You’ll never forget your first bowl. Everything is okay to put on them except sugar. Then, you’ll probably become a regular consumer of this Southern delicacy. There is a caveat. You may be among a rare breed of folks who, even after sampling several bowls until they grow on you, may not even like them then. That’s okay. But remember this, if you ever come to the South, never ever tell anyone you don’t like grits. They’ll put you on the first bus back to the great NW! :>)


  3. When in the military, my husband was visiting somewhere in the deep south, he ordered desert in a restaraunt after his meal. The waitress said to him “Ya’ll eat yo grits!”. She didn’t want to give him desert with them not eaten. Even though he was raised in the south, it must not have been south enough. He covered the grits with his napkin, and left.
    No desert for him.
    Myself, the texure is the thing not the taste.
    So glad you can enjoy your food and then tell us all about it.
    This was fun.


    1. Thank you. Grits are fun. Yes, particularly the texture, especially with lots of butter, salt and pepper.
      Let’s go grab some grits right now! :>)


    1. That recipe beats butter and salt by a country mile.Wonderful. My mouth is watering and I’m longing for some grits! Thanks


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