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The Jesus Fan Club

5-18-2015 1-46-12 PMWhen Jesus traveled scores of people followed him, some for healing, some for discipleship, some for learning, some for curiosity. All of them pressing in on Him, wanting to be close to this man claiming to be the Messiah.

Few of them were authentic followers, seeking His presence, soaking up His teaching, savoring His love for people. They thought if they joined the crowds they would be blessed. Then they could go to the market and buy their I’ve been with Jesus tee shirt.

Folks in The Jesus Fan Club today embrace the same thinking. Playing church. They go to church but don’t carry their Bibles, rarely read them, leave ministry to the do-gooders, claim they’re saved and throw a few bucks in the collection plate now and then. At the “Amen” they hang out in the lobby a few minutes and shake a few hands.

More than likely they’ll split for the restaurant and back into the world. Having fulfilled their obligations to call themselves a “Christian” and maintain their membership in the Jesus Fan or follower

We’re either authentic followers or His fans.

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