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Settling Down Is Not In God’s Plan

five loavesGod does not want us settling down. He wants us to multiply. Multiplication is so intrenched in God’s purpose for us that He’ll sometimes take drastic measures to keep us multiplying.

After the flood, the families of Noah’s son Shem headed east. They came to a plain they liked and the Bible tells us they settled there. They’d traveled far enough. and long enough. No sense going on.Traveling was getting expensive and they were travel weary. They decided it was time to build a city.

They built a nice temple in the town square with a staircase they said stretched into heaven. They had everything they needed. They were happy and at peace.

But God had other plans. When He saw the people had settled down, He confused the language so they could not understand each other.

“So the Lord scattered them abroad¬† from there over the face of the earth. Genesis 11:8

 Their settling down days were over.

So are ours.

We can not afford to rest from multiplying God’s kingdom. If we do, we will die. Our intimacy with God will diminish. Our testimony will rust. Our salt will lose it’s taste. Our light will dim. Our fellowship with God’s people will dwindle. We’ll wind up frustrated in a quagmire of ineffective living.

It’s time we asked ourselves some important questions. What were we doing to multiply God’s kingdom we aren’t doing any more? Why aren’t we? What could we be doing to multiply God’s kingdom but aren’t doing?

Editor’s note: Multiplying is not defined solely as bringing people to Christ. Although winning souls is an integral factor of God’s multiplication, it is not the only factor.

2 thoughts on “Settling Down Is Not In God’s Plan

  1. I like to remind my classes that God didn’t protect the early church from hardship thereby allowing them to “get stronger” in the city they knew. He used persecution and difficulty to scatter them all over the place. that helped them multiply exponentially! His ways are always higher than ours! Thanks Steven!

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