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Who we are in Christ–Tuesday

EDITOR”S NOTE–This week we are fortunate to have Deborah Ann Belka as a guest author. I encountered Deborah when I linked to her post last week on Bloggingmeetup. Each day this week we will publish one of Debra’s poems about our true identity in Christ. Debra Ann has captured in beautiful verse the essence of the child God has created us to be. What Deborah writes is true for every child of God, whether they believe it or not.  Enjoy and be blessed.

By Deborah Ann Belka
I am loved
I am bought with a price
I am redeemed
I am set free from sin
I am joined to the Lord
I am alive by grace
I am justified
I am forgiven
I am sanctified
I am reconciled
I am transformed
I am renewed
I am made perfect
I am dead to sin

3 thoughts on “Who we are in Christ–Tuesday

  1. Our DNA we were born with in Adams sin is now miraculously changed to spiritual DNA identified with God our Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. Redeemed by the blood of the lamb Jesus Christ. When we believe, are forgiven and transformed. So grateful for our redeemer.


    1. Amen, Pat. You are EXACTLY right. od created our DNA so we’d be formed in His image, just like He wanted us to be. “Redeemed by the blood of the lamb Jesus Christ.” Amen and amen. Thank you and God bless you richly!


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