Gay reader responds to FHG “No way to treat a gay waitress” post

When I invest time and prayer and study in my blog posts, comments and likes become the return on my investment. I thrive on them.

I was especially blessed when Ian wrote this comment about an encounter between a judgmental, holier-than-thou “Christian” diner and her gay waitress.
Here, in part, is what Ian wrote:

“This is vile and symptomatic of a religion that has lost touch with itself. Any religion that allows for the condemnation of another is misplaced. This poor waitress was subjected to passive aggressive, judgemental hate that focuses not on her love (as is directed in the Bible) but instead on a facet of her being that is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. A catholic upbringing almost led me to suicide, as a gay man who has now found profound faith in love, I have to ask you to PLEASE leave my people alone. We don’t need you prayers and guess what?We’ll turn the other cheek too. Because we live only in love and we do not judge you for your hate.”

The diner in the post scribbled Leviticus 20:13 on the check, adding the empty promise, “I’ll pray for you.”
The diner, in my view, was a boastful, hateful, judgmental hypocrite.
If we’re ever going to resolve our differences and win people to Christ, Jesus wants us to exhibit God’s love with and to everyone. Let’s live, as the gay reader said, “only in love” and not judge anyone.
Thank you, Ian, for teaching us all a lesson about God’s love for all the people He created.

If you’d like to read the post about the gay waitress and her rude, judgmental diner, (who God loves also, by the way) click here.

8 thoughts on “Gay reader responds to FHG “No way to treat a gay waitress” post

  1. It is heartbreaking to hear of anyone being mistreated. Being hateful and condemning is the opposite of loving and merciful. As a Christian I pray that I am loving with all my actions and words. I want to be a hammer that builds not destroys. Building people up not tearing them down. This is a good post that should make the reader examine themselves. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. That’s no way to treat a waitress for sure, but make no mistake, the judgment here is running both ways. Sin is sin, living under grace does not automatically give us a pass for the sin in our lives. I don’t get a free pass, you don’t, none of us do. Jesus did not tell the woman at the well she was not sinning, he offered her grace and forgiveness, along with the command “go and sin no more.” Her sin was her sin, this waitress’ sin is hers, the customers sin is the customers. My sin is my sin. We are broken people in a broken world. “Because we live only in love and we do not judge you for your hate.” Quite self-righteous, condescending, and judgmental in itself.
    To be sure, what this customer did was certainly (and I’m sure I’m being judgmental myself) spiteful, prideful, condescending, cowardly, and many other sins. But so was the commenter who you are holding and patting on the back being quite prideful, condescending, and judgmental. Any agreement or disagreement with his point notwithstanding.


      1. John, I understood perfectly. Your response was legitimate and lines up to exactly what Scripture says. Hey, to my way of thinking, The Bible IS controversial, and narrow-minded and irritating to those who don’t know the Author.

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  3. Wow. No wonder people don’t like Christians (but still have a positive view of Jesus). If we’re going back to Leviticus shouldn’t they also write notes to waitresses about Lev. 20:18? (Any man and woman who have had sex during the woman’s menstrual period are to be “cut off”), or maybe we should go back to putting any person who dishonors their parents to death? (Lev.20:9) Yup, the letter of the law brings death, not to mention hypocritical judgmentalism.
    I vote for love.

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  4. Brave post, Steven! Thank you. I teach my children that the Word of God is their love letter and a place to measure their own lives, NOT those of other people. Only God can see the heart.

    Hatred and bigotry are not our calling EVER.


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