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What we’re entitled to

During the past few decades entitlement has become a trendy word among some segments of the culture.

Entitlement folks believe they have the right to have something.

Sometimes, don’t we think God owes us something? Like, after a long stretch of obedience and intimacy with God. We’ve been “so good” for a long time. We come to God with a desperate need; but God doesn’t seem inclined to meet it–the way we want Him to and when we want Him to.

What are we entitled to from God? What does God owe us? Does anyone else out there besides me think at times that we deserve more and better? Better job? Better house? Better spouse? Better kids (at least kids that will do what we want them to do). More money? More free time? More sleep?

Sometimes, don’t we get stuck in a rut believing we’re entitled to more and better? Do it make us resentful or disappointed (or even angry sometimes) towards God?

A dear friend of mine, having some similar struggles, reminded me of a very foundational aspect of my God. She said something that sticks in my mind every time I want God to do something in my life. She said we’re only entitled to our portion and the grace God has for us on that day.

What an epiphany for me.

Think about it.

I wrote a companion post to this one today. It’s called “Seven rights of every Christian”. Click here to discover what our rights are as true followers of Jesus Christ.

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