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Phone Foul Up


Seniors Need Text Speak Too

In the last blog post I strongly urged all of you to learn text speak. It’s creeping into the language, even the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary. While text speak is becoming an accepted method of communication for business people and kids, text speak is something senior citizens should learn as well. Continue reading


You Better Learn Text Speak NOW!

What if you got a text message like this one:

CM AEAP. ICBW but AFAIK TTBOMK something is up at work. IMS and it’s NBD but the boss is LOL at you, IYKWIM. WAI!  YBDARFC! There’s probably NBIF but YNK. Can you RBTL? I just wanted to let you know B/C you are AIMP. TTFN T2YL.

If you don’t know text speak today you’ll be SOL tomorrow!

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