You Better Learn Text Speak NOW!

What if you got a text message like this one:

CM AEAP. ICBW but AFAIK TTBOMK something is up at work. IMS and it’s NBD but the boss is LOL at you, IYKWIM. WAI!  YBDARFC! There’s probably NBIF but YNK. Can you RBTL? I just wanted to let you know B/C you are AIMP. TTFN T2YL.

If you don’t know text speak today you’ll be SOL tomorrow!

Kids on cell phones flip those things and bang out thousands of obscure text messages to each other in nano seconds just like the one above. They can text faster than some secretaries can type. Even while driving.

They know the language.  They invented it.  Text speak has become a piece of Americana, like Google and Facebook and Twitter.  It’s here to stay. And it’s creeping into our precious yet ever-changing English Language.

According to the Global Language Monitor the English language adds another word every 14 minutes. At last count, the GLM says, English boasted 1,009,614

Besides growing like a West Texas brush fire the language is changing just as fast. The Oxford English Dictionary, for instance, has just added text talk terms like OMG, BFF and LOL to its latest edition. The OED — the most prestigious, the most well known among lexicons, the dictionary of dictionaries is loosening its stodgy grip on decorum and inviting teenagers with cell phones to help determine what we say and how we say it.

Where will it end?

Will it end?  IDK but IMCO IDM.  Our language will always be in a state of flux.  ES. TTFN.


5 thoughts on “You Better Learn Text Speak NOW!

  1. I think I figured most of them out. I was kind of doing that back in the early 70s when I was in jr. high and high school. I wasn’t texting though. I was taking notes in class.


  2. Aw, come on, what would be the fun deciphering it? Besides, it would take more time to decipher it than it did to write it. KWIM (Know what I mean?)


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