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Who’s Your Spouse?

Who’s your spouse? Everyone has one.

You’re married to Mr. Law, or Mr. Grace. One or the other.bride and groom

ID in ChristIf you know your true identity in Christ, you’re happily married to Mr. Grace and enjoy all the blessings and wonderful love of your mate, Jesus Christ.

If you’re married to Law, you believe what you do gains God’s blessings or approval, makes you a  “good”  Christian. You assign labels “good” and “bad” to your actions and behavior. You judge others by their actions. You  assume you can overcome bad habits or sin in your life with the right methods. For instance, if you have anger issues, you think if you read enough self-help books, memorize enough scripture, get the right counselor, or try hard enough you can overcome your anger/sin.

Sorry. None of those things work. You will fail. Even if you succeed in suppressing your anger (or your sin) it will show up somewhere else. You’ll trade one sin  for another. Because you’re married to Mr Law. The Law is about rules and behavior. Not grace and mercy. Law is unforgiving, shows no mercy. Law and Satan, keep dredging up your sin, reminding you that you failed, you messed up, you fell short of God’s expectations. You hear condemnation echoing in your head.

But if Grace is your spouse you know the only way to resolve your anger or sin issues is a person–Jesus Christ. You can’t do anything in your own strength to rid your life of bad habits or sin.  God’s word says,

The sting of death is the sin, and the power of sin is the law. But, thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:56-57.

Good News

If your spouse is the Law, I’ve got good news! You’re only married as long as Law is alive.  But God made provision to crucify Law, on the cross of Christ.  If you claim Jesus as your Lord and Risen Savior, Law is dead to you. And you are dead to Law. Grace is now your spouse. Trouble is, many folks married to Grace keep going back to Law, because Law is familiar. If you’re still seeking to please God with your behavior, you’re committing spiritual adultery.  So . . .who’s your spouse.

Grace Rules, by Steve McVey, © 1998, Harvest House Publishers; Eugene, Oregon was the inspiration for this blog post.


2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Spouse?

  1. Ooh-wee! This is one to keep and share on this day each year. Thanks for blessing single, married, and tween folks with this liberating message.


    1. Wow! I didn’t even think about this being published on Valentine’s day. Thank you for the head”s up. Just goes to show you what an awesome God we serve. He wrote it, and He led me to publish it today. Is He awesome or what?


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