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How About THESE Rules?

A visitor to Steve McVey’s church handed him a brochure from her church andmcvey invited him to visit. They titled their brochure: “Biblical Standards For Christians”. The brochure claimed scripture support for all their “standards”. Here are a few:

  • No dancing or mixed bathing
  • Do not wear jewelry
  • Do not wear makeup
  • Men must wear their hair short
  • Do not go to ball games, rodeos, circuses, rodeos, bowling alleys, skating rinks or theaters
  • Do not dye your hair
  • Women are to wear “modest clothes with moderate colors and moderate prices with decent dress lengths, sleeve lengths and necklines.” ¹

Many Christians might say such rules are absurd. They aren’t to the folks who embrace them. These rules beg the question: what set of rules do you follow? Some may say, “Oh, I try to live by what the Bible says.”

Living by any set of rules will never achieve God’s best for us. Our lives are not built on a set of rules. We live our lives in Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him. Everything else about us flows out of that relationship.

¹Grace Amazing; by Steve McVey; © 2001, by Steve McVey; Harvest House Publishers; page 128

9 thoughts on “How About THESE Rules?

    1. Thank you, Carole, for sharing. I’m sorry. It’s painful to watch people who are so enamored with rules. They all seem so sad.


  1. Great quote. I personally cringe whenever people tell me they are “Bible-believing” Christians or that they’re only following the Bible. They use it as a trump card to end any meaningful dialogue between sincere followers of Christ who ALL believe the Bible. We all have our interpretations of the Bible we call the truth. Aye, and there’s the rub. 🙂

    It’s a good thing that Truth is a Person. And it His love, we can find each other. Blessings.

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  2. Well, I am ever grateful and serving Him with a passion just because
    all those rules died on the croos and He tore the veil!!! Yeh, Jesus! With my new heart in
    Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit just guides me on auto pilot to do the next right thing. I can throw the rule book away. Don’t need it.
    And in my ministry, I wear giant earrings, jeans, flashy eye makeup and love, lots of love!
    That is the attire to reach the sick and suffering from substance abuse in most certain situations. Ya gotta shout “Jesus is Lord” day and night, just thinking how free we are, now!


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