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Grace means . . .

Editor’s Note:Grace means . . .” was written by Sparrow Girl on her blog over at Underthewaterfallofgrace It appears on here home page sidebar. She’s been one of my favorite blogging friends for years. She and I share the same passion for our true identity in Christ. She writes about it beautifully. Be blessed, my precious readers.

Grace means there are no demands on you today..you do not need to ‘do’ anything or ‘become’ anything – you already ARE all you were meant to be, as a gift (something given, not worked for, something already yours, experienced and enjoyed here and now by simple faith – by seeing it is yours), by Jesus’ work on your behalf.

You already ARE righteous, loved, accepted, at peace with God, empowered, free from sin’s power, strong, holy, pure, and ONE with God, together with Him forever.

You are His child, included in the royal family, and the inheritance is yours in Christ!

There is nothing left for you to do because Jesus did it all and will manifest it all in you! You are free! Free to enjoy a love relationship with the most Perfect Love of all – HIM!

2 thoughts on “Grace means . . .

  1. Why is it that I can know all of that and if I am not careful I am easily drug into thinking I need to work harder do more? I believe I should and do need to BUT, not because that will get me to heaven because Jesus already paid my way. We do more because we desire to serve others as we should if we follow Christ Jesus not because we have a checklist or we won’t be good enough. We are never going to be good enough no matter how many good things we do! It takes the blood of Jesus Christ to save us. Accepting what He has done for us to wash away our sin. Realizing that we are sinners regardless of all our good deeds which are worthless on our own. The word says we are as filthy rags before the Lord.
    Isaiah 64:6
    But we are all as an unclean thing,
    And all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags;
    And we all do fade as a leaf;
    And our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.


    1. Thank you, Looking Up, wonderful thoughts. We all go through that battle with Satan. Thank you again for your comments. God bless. I am still praying for your sons.

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