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Lessons From Camp

What an awesome time we had at One Heart Camp this summer. You haven’t lived until you’ve been a counselor for a bunch of first-through-fifth graders. I love ’em all.

Our curriculum was totally awesome. And So Simple! It was called Living From The Inside Out by Lifeway. Let what’s inside of you (the love of Christ) show on the outside.

We had five sessions. Great Bible stories we studied inspired each lesson. Each lesson had a “bottom line”.

Here are the “bottom lines” from each session:

  • Do what God says
  • Love others the way you want to be loved
  • Love people more than things (my favorite)
  • Trust God because He knows . . .
  • Treat everyone like they’re loved by God

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could learn to live from the inside out?

3 thoughts on “Lessons From Camp

    1. Mary,
      I think adults could benefit from them as well. I’m going to remember to remind myself of them often. Thanks for your comment.


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