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The Prayer Cafe

readingGod is showing me some new things about my prayer life. Some of them I don’t like. For instance, He’s revealing to me that at times my time with Him is more like a cafe than fellowship with Him.

I spend time making sure He hears all my petitions.  I sometimes even give Him ideas about how to answer them. I mean, I’m intimately familiar with all the people and all the issues and all the dangers and obstacles and all the answers I’m looking for. Right? Aren’t you?

Don’t get me wrong. Petitions are vital to our prayer time. God wants us to bring all our petitions to Him (Philippians 4:6). He knows them all before we bring them. He likes to hear us voice them to Him. I think I know why that is. Sometimes, when I’m asking Him something, He gives me insight right then when I’m voicing the petition.

I think I’ve got the admiration and the confessing part down. And I believe I thank Him generously, although we can never thank and praise Him enough. Sometimes I like my prayer time to just be thanking Him and praising Him for who He is.

Yesterday I posted about needing a quiet place to pray in private, without interruptions or distractions.Click here to read about my prayer closet.

But I need more than a quiet place.

I need a quiet TIME. I need to spend time in silence–just being quiet and listening to God. I want Him to speak to my heart and tell me what He has for me in Scripture that day. I just want to hear His voice. I long to have Him teach me how to be the man of God He wants me to be.

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