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We can’t end racism, stop abortion or save the world for Jesus.

I get upset and discouraged if I dwell on the rampant, divisive racism in our country. The same thing happens when I think about the horrific tragedy of abortion. And I get frustrated when I think about all the times I miss opportunities to share the Gospel.

Sunday was mission Sunday in our church. We are a missions minded church. We send mission teams to, and support missionaries in, foreign countries, our state and our community. All the missionaries who spoke agreed on one thing: individual, personal relationships yield the greatest success.

One-on-one gets the job done.

I’ve come to believe that and strive to practice that in my evangelistic  and exhortation endeavors.  I’m not going to march into a Black Lives Matter convention and convince them that us WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants for you Millennials) are not out to get them.

I can’t end racism. But I can get to know some of my Black friends better. For the past ten or so years I have cultivated a few  personal, intimate relationships with friends who are Black. We can discuss almost anything together, including race, prejudice, personal beliefs, dreams, ambitions and more. I’ve grown to cherish these friendships and the folks I’ve grown as close to as any friends I have.

We can’t hope to end racism, but I can thank God that with a few precious people in my circle of influence, who happen to be Black, I can love them and we can accept each other for who we are. We can know each other on an intimate, personal level. We can bless others and be blessed because we’ve eliminated any hint of racism between us.

I can end racism with one or two close friends. I can love a girl contemplating an abortion, or befriend her boyfriend or husband. Or I can show the love and compassion of Jesus  to a girl who’s had an abortion. I can show the hope and love of Jesus  to her boyfriend or husband. And I can ask God to draw a non-believer to me so I can share the love of Jesus with him.

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