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so they hid

Adam and EveThey disobeyed God, their eyes were opened and the knew they were naked. When they heard God walking in the garden so they hid. At that moment was birthed in us guilt, shame and buck passing–hiding from sin.

Don’t we do the same? When God shows us our sin, is our first inclination sometimes to hide from it? Don’t we try to convince God and ourselves that it’s not sin, it’s something else more palatable? Or maybe we try to convince ourselves that our behavior is not as bad as someone else’s.  Don’t we try to cover it up with fig leaves?

“If we claim we have not sinned, we make Jesus out to be a liar and his word has no place in our lives.”  1 John 1:10.

God is showing me that aggravation, or simply irritation at others is sin. Sin we can deal with.  However, if we call it something else, we can’t confess it, repent of it and get rid of it. We’ll have to suffer with it and allow it to rob us of our peace with God.  God is showing me that anything that disrupts our fellowship with Him and our peace with Him is sin.  No matter how trivial we consider the emotion or the mood or the attitude, if it robs us of our fellowship with God, it is sin. God urges us to take it to the cross, repent of it and allow the blood of Jesus to cleanse us completely.

I’m not preaching. I’m sharing a very agonizing, personal experience I’m going through as I write this. It’s not over; but I’m learning to be transparent with God and talk to Him about it. Then share it with a dear brother in Christ.

I’m yearning for that precious fellowship with God that will again be mine as I venture back to the Cross and my Savior.

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