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I’m okay. You’re okay. It’s okay. Okay?

We’re living in an age when everything is okay. And if it’s not okay, we’ll try to make it sound okay by creating a euphemism to make it sound different or better than it really is. Even though it may not be okay at all. People¬†substitute words or phrases that they¬†consider less offensive ways of expressing something.

For instance, they call . . .

  • a thief ethically challenged
  • an alcoholic an anti-sobriety activist
  • abortion a near life experience
  • an immigrant a newcomer
  • a bald man comb free
  • a homeless person residentially flexible
  • a fat person easy to see
  • a lie terminological inexactitude

We live in a time when it’s not okay to offend anyone or anything any time in any way. In my opinion, the church is sliding down the same slippery slope. Trying to be socially and morally acceptable to everyone and hold no one accountable for their sins.

It’s not just the people in the pews giving everyone a pass on being okay. Many preachers, it seems, are more concerned with the size of their worship centers than the sins of their flock.

Many churches appear more social than spiritual these days. They seem to

So, because you are lukewarm–
neither hot nor cold–
I am about to spit you
out of my mouth.

be taking God and His Word out of the pulpit and out of the message.When the church becomes more interested in growing their attendance than growing disciples we’re headed for a church calamity of epic, possibly intractable, proportions.

6 thoughts on “I’m okay. You’re okay. It’s okay. Okay?

  1. Reblogged this on Seeking God Daily and commented:
    Have you actively watched or heard something that you knew was not right and done nothing simply out of fear of offending someone? Have you allowed an injustice, cruelty, or even active hate so as not to rock the boat? This morning, as I was reading a number of subscribed blogs I found a message from Steven Sawyer, blogger of For His Glory that truly gripped me. For there have been a number of times as of late, where I should have spoken or acted…and did not simply for the sake of keeping the peace…or avoiding confrontation. The truth is though…

    When we do not speak the truth, lies are taken as truth.
    When we do not want to hear the truth, the world around us becomes enveloped in lies.

    We are falling prey to a number of Satan’s devices already…
    When shall we let the truth set us free?

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  2. Steve, this was a much needed and rather difficult pill to swallow this morning. Today we live in a world where it is becoming increasingly hard to do or say the right thing. So, the easy answer and more readily traveled road is that of compromise. Compromise beliefs, ideals, morals, and practices so as not to offend someone else in a world that is going to take offense at everything. Beautifully penned. Well said!


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