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Break the law. Oh, Please, break the law

Saving the lost is probably the single most important work of the church today.

But I am convinced the body of committed, authentic believers in Christ has just aslaw and grace important a calling today: breaking the law–breaking the shackles of those who are still in bondage to the performance-based life of “religion” and “the law”.

I talk to church folks who have never looked passed their “get-out-of-hell card” they received when they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They don’t know, or have never been taught there are two sides of the cross– the salvation side and the sanctification side.

Jesus has an amazing life of love and grace and adventures in freedom waiting for anyone who will truly, from their heart, surrender their life to God and let Jesus live His life through them. I feel called to challenge all of us who know our true identity in Christ to seek out those who don’t know the truth about their amazing, sanctifying life Jesus offers.

Lots of scriptures bear this challenge out. In his epistles Paul pleaded over and over again for his people to discover the difference between the law they were trapped in and the grace that made them free in Christ–the only true freedom they (or we) can ever know.

Will you join me in this challenge? I’d love to collaborate with some of you and trade guest posts on each others’ blog. I want to spread the message of real hope and a fantastic life in Jesus Christ for those who are already saved. They know Jesus, but they may not know, or believe, the freedom of a sanctifying life Christ offers each believer. Let’s accept the challenge to break the law, break the shackles of the oppressive bondage of those still living life under the law.

4 thoughts on “Break the law. Oh, Please, break the law

    1. Thank you, Kelly, I know you’ll be writing, or have already written, posts that exemplify the challenge. I look forward to reading and re-blogging some of your heart-felt words from God.

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