“I’m sorry”–now a “Christian” cliche

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God Bless Atheists This Christmas

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What if atheists and non-believes are right?

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The problem with listening

Too often I listen, but I don’t hear.

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Will public libraries ban the Bible?

I’ve read two emotionally-charged stories and received email this week suggesting that public libraries might ban the Bible.

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“Christian” Is A Label, Not A Life

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He Didn’t Invite Her To Church

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A Talk With A Secular Humanist

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What If. . .

What if ACLU or atheist lawsuits were successful in removing God’s name from public view, even on church signs?

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The Peace Jesus Brings

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Illustration For Planting A Seed With Non-Believers

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Homosexual/Christian Comments Take On A Life Of Their Own

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Believers: 1 Atheists: 0

Author’s Note: The following dialogue occurred between an antagonistic, atheist college professor and a student who was a believer in Jesus Christ.  I saw this on the friend of a friend of a friend’s blog. I have no idea whether it is authentic or not. My takeaway from this dialogue was a renewing of my mind about the authenticity of the Gospel and the importance of standing up for the Truth. Continue reading

Mickey Mouse Is A Fraud

Is Mickey Mouse more popular than Jesus?

Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this post, it might be best to send your small children out of the room.  I’ll give you a minute or two . . .

. . .ho hum . . . la de dah . . .

. . . chili weather we’re having isn’t it . . .

. . . is 2013 here already? My how time flies . . .

Okay, I didn’t want you all holding me responsible for bursting any of your kids’ bubbles, but Mickey Mouse is a fraud. He’s a fake. He’s phony. He’s a myth.

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All Roads Lead To Heaven

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Planets And Pinheads

What do you say to someone you meet who claims God doesn’t exist?

Do you quote Genesis or Revelation? Or John 3:16? Do you rattle off a bunch of reasons why they should believe in God? Do you share your testimony? Do you smack them over the head with your Bible?

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Can Things Get Any Worse? — Of Course

I think I’m beginning to reckon with reality. I’m becoming somewhat cynical about the condition of the world. Most all the news is bad.  Even the Christian radio shows I listen to air stories about all the evil they are battling through their organizations.

Nothing surprises me any more.

And things are gonna get worse before they get better. Thank goodness there’s still one place we can look to and find real hope.

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Questions For Atheists

I was thinking about atheists this morning and a few questions for them came to mind. But before I ask them I need my readers to know I am not attempting to proselitize here; nor am I intending to criticize anyone for his or her beliefs. I’m just curious and have a few questions for any atheists interested in civil discourse.

I’m just going to ask the questions here, then see if anyone responds.

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